Her X and the Wild Man EP

by Her X and the Wild Man

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2016 Release- Light Gallery releasing 3 songs, Pretty Things ,Poets.and Butterfly. Artwork by Mathew Butel.

Her X and the Wildman ‐ Biography 2016

Brent Cross and Lisa Butel are an electronic music duo based in East Vancouver. Blending programmed loops and beats with live vocals and instruments, HXWM's music is formed by the collision of chill music with chunks of hip hop and dance electronics.

Butel's vocals are powerful and evocative and in this album she shows her extended vocal techniques. Cross creates samples & beats with melodic keyboard parts. Their music is influenced by electronic, jazz, classical, trip hop, jungle, pop, r & b, blues, improvisation, and alternative music.
Her X, and the Wild Man are edgy, with movement and presence. Their name states a clash, sparks flying ....

Lisa Butel ‐ vocals, ableton live vocal looper, roland sound module , found toys
Brent Cross ‐ vocals, loops, beats, samples, keyboard, guitar
Perform as a duo or trio with Tony Lee on drums.

More gigs, and release of more songs from their latest project called Light Gallery with Mathew Butel's artwork.

GIGS and FESTIVALS: Art for Impact, Connect (Electronic + Tribal Music Fest), the Vancouver International Dance Fest, Sista'hood, Commercial Drive Car Free, Make Music Vancouver, In the House, Parade of Lost Souls, Ride Don't Hide, and Hearing Protection Required Mental Health fundraiser. Venues-Chapel Arts, Roundhouse, Remington Gallery, Cafe Deux Soleils, Gene.

Highlights of 2015: Recording and producing of latest release for Her X and working on a second music project called Lbs which performed at the Weird Canada International Drone festival hosted by Big Joy at the Remington Gallery. Travel to Iceland and Berlin inspired more recordings.

Azfir, Creative Director of Public Dreams, 2013:
"If I had to choose one word to describe Her X and the Wild Man it would be "sexy". Butel's voice is like silk and her lyrical phrasing juxtaposed against the improvisational quality of the electronic music is highly compelling. Their live show is full of spontaneity and wonder and transfixes the audience as they become enveloped in the collision of hard and soft."
Kat Single‐Dain the Performance Director for POLS(Parade of Lost Souls), 2013: "Her X and the Wild Man" created an unforgettable image from another planet where music is language! "

Previous releases:
dark hum of the butterfly‐2010 (co‐mixed and mastered by Todd Simko) Embers and Icicles‐2002 (mastered by Todd Simko)
tags: electronic chillwave downtempo experimental electro improvised jazz pop rock

herxandthewildman.bandcamp.com www.youtube.com/herxvideo
soundcloud.com/her‐x‐and‐the‐wild‐man www.facebook.com/HerXmusic?fref=ts


Her XWM's previous releases have received over 70,000 hits on CBC Radio 3 and have been featured on DNTO (Definitely Not the Opera/CBC radio)


released February 1, 2016

Light Gallery - released 2016
Recorded, produced and mastered by Brent Cross
Production - Lisa Butel

Brent Cross - music and lyrics, beats, samples, keyboards, vocals, guitar
Lisa Butel - music and lyrics, vocals, roland sound module
E-spliff- rap lyrics in Dark Star

Mathew Butel - album artwork and bandcamp site design



all rights reserved


Her X and the Wild Man Vancouver, British Columbia

Her XWM is an electronic music duo blending programmed loops & beats with live vocals & instruments, The music is a collision of chill music with chunks of hip hop & dance electronics.

Lisa Butel ‐ vocals, looping, roland

Brent Cross ‐ vocals, loops, beats, samples, keys, guitar

Trio:Tony Lee drums

Butel's vocals are powerfully evocative & Cross creates samples & beats with melodic keyboards.
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Track Name: PrettyThing
Here he is walking down the hallway
Strutting hard like a model on a runway
he's so cool like a star get his autograph
Underneath he's a creep checking out her ass
Here he is in the hallway with his girlfriend
She's his new high school favourite
She says kiss me
He says ssh later baby after school

Here he is with the principal at lunch time
He starts to freak as the cops do a drive by
Can't shake it off all the rumors that are chasing him
He starts to sweat as he thinks they might be busting him
This time it's cool they're just checking on a b & e
The kids they talk and he can hear them whispering
He can't relax as he can hear them laughing now, he can't relax

Pretty, Dirty Thing

Last year when I went back to school then
I saw him with his new favorite
He looks cool but he freaked when she ratted him
He just can't stop and underneath it's eating him
He didn't know, know there's a baby now
Feel the kick in his gut as she's telling him
He can't relax as the pressures starts to get to him
He can't relax
Track Name: Poets
POETS – lyrics Brent Cross 2015

You can drive a big car unless you really blow it
You can smoke a cigar, who are
You can roll in the lies, you are
And if I’m suddenly poor, lost everything to lose
Would you stay by my side, feels lost inside

If I suddenly became poor, lost everything I have
What would I mean to you
Would you stay in my picture, even if I thrive
I’m going to be someone new
Let’s make a statement, of intent, find a way to connect
Who are the people with love intact
Are you connected or alive

We are the poor, Who are the poor

They must be hurting maybe, buried in a doubt
All the stress that makes them blue
I am a picture, here forever more
What does forever mean to you
In our communication can we keep it real
Let’s always listen to how we feel
And who are the poets and who are the rich
How can we live together