Dark Hum of the Butterfly

by Her X and the Wild Man

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released January 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Her X and the Wild Man Vancouver, British Columbia

Her XWM is an electronic music duo blending programmed loops & beats with live vocals & instruments, The music is a collision of chill music with chunks of hip hop & dance electronics.

Lisa Butel ‐ vocals, looping, roland

Brent Cross ‐ vocals, loops, beats, samples, keys, guitar

Trio:Tony Lee drums

Butel's vocals are powerfully evocative & Cross creates samples & beats with melodic keyboards.
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Track Name: Love It Spirals
Love it spirals downwards slips out of the trees
it gently touches heaven and rustles through the leaves
until it dies

Blackness is the heaven of which I speak to you
darkness is the lover’s bed that understands the depth of my need for you
my love for you

I see heaven tonight a shining light that once lived in your eyes
it’s just a vision of a distant place that lives inside my mind
like you did today

Love it spirals downwards
Track Name: Beauty
Beauty like a rose on the vine
you move me like a road through the great divide
you’re a beauty like a rose on the vine you move me

Nothing gets better
nothing gets better than this
nothing gets better than this

You are what every great artists after
fragrance of the rose you move me to laughter
Track Name: butterfly: the light hum
There’s no pain
through the wind if I try
can you bring me my butterfly

When you see it my hopes not lost
I know you’re having a hard time now
I just want to let you know
you’re my butterfly

You’re my butterfly

We’re the same
you make me smile
I know that you can see me now
how I think, how I breathe

You’re my butterfly
Track Name: apple
An offer came in language without words
you can touch the breath I bare, you can share my house
she speaks to me in language without words
of the riches we can share and the countries of our love

She offered me an apple from the sample
she offered me an apple she called love
she gives me hope and peace of mind
she gives me love the sugar kind
she offered me an apple

Her offer came in samples without words
her breaths a secret language her skin is my allure
and in this secret language that we share
she knows the sounds that move me, yes she’s already there
Track Name: sleep with me
They visit late at night when I shut my eyes
if I try to fight well I always lose
if I watch for you would you watch for me
so as our dreams lift off… all lifting, lifting, lifting free

Demons come to haunt me
demons haunt my sleep
drives me crazy

As I settle in, infiltrate my dreams
they sink their talons in, can you hear the scream
let these feelings in, oh I can feel them too
as the daylight comes it shines a light on me and you